Nurturing Children Through Learning and Fun

Established in 1979, IVNS is housed in the spacious education wing of Grace Bible Church. We use 7 classrooms (fully equipped with secure internet access for our classroom set of iPads), a large playroom, library, music room, separate gym building and playground, all providing an excellent program facility.

IVNS class size ranges from 14-18 students lead by  a Head Teacher (degree in Early Childhood Education) and a Teaching Assistant. The daily schedule includes a variety of well-planned activities focusing on the group needs of the children. Art, music, building, dramatic play, science, Bible, iPads and other academic readiness activities are part of a typical day. Emphasis is placed on learning by doing, and children are continually involved in first-hand experiences.

"Each of our three boys have attended IVNS. We can't say enough about the warm and caring staff, the atmosphere of love and kindness, and the foundational education our boys have received. We recommend IVNS without reservation!" - Kaley Ehret

Our school provides a developmentally age-appropriate education for children in a loving, caring Christian environment. We strive to find the balance between rigor and fun while educating. Because each child is unique, we get to know them well while they learn and explore the world around them.

Indian Valley's Signature Features

  • Field Trips and special guest visits are scheduled to increase your child's awareness of his our her world.

  • iPads are used in all of our classrooms.

  • Our Children's Library is stocked with over 2,000 books, specifically selected for young children. Your child will enjoy our bi-weekly Library Enrichment Class.

  • Bi-Weekly Math Enrichment in a hands-on environment will provide students with beginning math lessons, following the PA State Preschool & Kindergarten Math Standards.

  • A spacious Indoor Playroom is well equipped for activities that promote large motor development. It is especially well used on days the weather keeps us indoors.

  • A variety of Nutritious Snacks are served daily. We make every effort to offer natural and fresh food rather than snacks with high sugar content or artificial additives.

  • IVNS children enjoy Weekly Music and Physical Education Classes.

  • The classic activity of Show & Tell helps promote language development and self-esteem.

  • Close communication is maintained with your home through Newsletters, Parent Workshops, Teacher Conferences, Email and Website Information.

  • Large Group Circle Time, daily small group interactions and one-on-one time provide children with an opportunity to develop linguistic skills, social concepts and creative expression. In all settings, as children share, they develop cognitively, linguistically and socially, engaging in communication vital to future personal and academic situations.