5 Days a Week

8:50 - 11:35 AM Half Day Option

8:50 AM - 3:00 PM Full Day Option

Indian Valley Kindergarten's Signature Features

The class size is limited to 18 children, taught by a Head Teacher (holding a degree in early childhood and/or elementary education) and a Teacher's Assistant. Our Kindergarten curriculum includes: the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Beginning to Read, Write and Listen Letter Books, utilizing a total language arts approach with a strong phonetic base, the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Kindergarten Math Series and variety of Bible curriculums, as well as various science and social studies materials. Art and physical activity (informal and directed) are a part of every day. Music is used daily throughout the curriculum, but is taught once a week by a music specialist.


Our Full-Day Kindergarten Program offers optional enrichment for students in the afternoons. Our full day program meets from 8:50AM - 3:00PM, offering extended care on selected or all afternoons.

Afternonn Kindergarten Enrichment

The Kindergarten Enrichment Program at Indian Valley Nursery School provides an afternoon of enrichment for those children who attend morning class either here or in the public schools.  Our unique program supports the curriculum of the district with a less structured schedule that allows children time to explore their own interests and play both in groups and independently.  The small class size allows for community where children are able to build social skills while exploring literacy, cooking, math, science, gym, art, play, nature and world cultures. 


Enrichment Schedule:

Monday: Cooking & Library (alternating weeks)

Tuesday: Math & Science (alternating weeks)

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: Art

Friday:  Around The World Fridays

Our program includes:

·         Games to promote math skills and cooperative play

·         Activities to explore, build, create and imaginative play

·         Building friendships and communication skills while developing students own sense of identity

·         Creative fun with art while learning about artists and their work

·         Gross motor skills, group games, sports activities and learning to work as a team member

·         Cooking and trying new foods

·         Science experiments to grow natural curiosity

·         Math exploration with activities to promote kindergarten math skills

·         Exploring new places around the world.

·         Quiet time activities where after schoolers can unwind and relax


Kindergarten Enrichment is a special program at IVNS and every day is as different as the students that attend.  We are thankful for this time to slow down and get to know your child while teaching the curriculum of the day.  During the year we work on becoming independent (taking responsibility for lunch time choices & cleanup) and communicating with their peers.   These skills along with the educational activities, work together to prepare your child for the school years ahead. 


We offer bussing, based on the school district policies in which you reside.